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Discover the world of Maison Dumas through our wonderful spaces. More than just a gallery, it's an artistic melting pot. Reflecting our identity, this place is unconventional. Warm and friendly, it overturns the codes of traditional minimalist and uncluttered galleries. Here, art and design rub shoulders. The works are not presented simply to be looked at. On the contrary, the challenge is to appropriate and experiment with them. More than just an exhibition, it's a real experience...


Galeries Maison Dumas specializes in architectural and Brutalist furniture, lighting and visual arts. We have numerous collector's books to document your acquisitions.

We represent designers and architects from the 1950s to the 1980s, mainly French and Italian. French designers include Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Chapo, Le Corbusier & Pierre Jeanneret. For our Mediterranean neighbors, our collections include works by Joe Colombo, Gio Ponti, Piero Fornasetti and Gino Sarfatti.


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Maison Dumas also exhibits works by renowned contemporary sculptors, painters and ceramists such as Julien Capron, Gilbert Portanier, Just Jaeckin, Jean-Jacques Ceccarelli and Ben Vautier. Not to mention works by artists such as Albert Chubac, André Villers, Georges Jouve, Jacotte Capron, Jean-Claude Fahri, Vasareli, Agame, as well as the Frères Cloutier and Claude Gilli.

At our Paris and Saint-Tropez sites, we complement our holdings with works by established artists specializing in post-war and figuration libre. Discover our various exhibitions at:

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2 Avenue Paul Roussel - Saint-Tropez, 83990 France

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